One Shady Shot

I’ve been a ‘Street Photographer’ for a few years now, its my release from everyday life and work, I simply enjoy being out on the streets capturing the sights and shenanigans in the city, sometimes walking for ages and not taking many shots – other days I start snapping as soon as the camera is out of the bag.

I’m not aware that I have “a style” as I simply take what I see – there are many famed street photographers out there – from Vivian Maier and Henri Cartier-Bresson to modern day snappers such as Martin Parr, Bruce Gilden and Dougie Wallace – each have their own style and I have researched and tried many of their techniques, with varying degrees of success but feel I need to find my own way on the streets.

Usually, I like fun and busy people shots and look out for ‘the characters’ especially in East London around Shoreditch and Brick Lane – but with that area beng such a magnet for pro, amateur and would be Street Photographers – you have to find your own take as the area has been snapped to death.

Other areas of London give great backdrops too – namely the Barbican Estate – the 1960’s built residential complexes in the City of London – its brutalist architecture allows for some scenes and textures and design features of their day to act as amazing backdrops for photography.

It was in the Barbican just two weeks ago where I took what has turned out to be, so far, my most “Liked” and praised street photograph to date – and one that was one of just two chance snaps, taken whilst walking down a large glazed stairway on the estate exiting The Barbican Centre onto the external terrace – the day – Sunday 27th October was a rare sunny sunday with glorious sunshine and blue skies allowing, as you can see from “the shot” some great shadowing, light & shade.


As I say, this was one of just two shots I took out the window of a staircase, exiting the building – taken in colour I converted it to B&W after in Lightroom – and for a couple of days It sat on my hard drive – it wasn’t my usual ‘people shot’, there’s no faces, no characters but in the middle of that week, I decided to post it on some of the Facebook Street Photography sites I subscribe to.

Within minutes – it got a few likes; that’s cool thought I, away from my usual style, but a few people obviously saw something worthy in it – I closed my ipad and went to work.

At work, I noticed my phone screen saying I had some activity on Facebook and on opening my phone the Notifications were in double figures! This continued for the next few days – the best site where it accelerated was a site I was previously an Admin on – Street Photography Vivian Maier Inspired

Within the first 24hours on that site alone, it had achieved over 150 likes – far exceeding any image I had posted before – and every day so far that number has risen – it was chosen by the original administrator of that site – Dave Burridge as being worthy of being added to the Street Photography Vivian Maier Gallery Page – an honour indeed.

As I type this (5 Nov 2019) my one chance shot has received 640 Likes on VMI Page alone

Alongside VMI, I also posted it to Street Photography – Henri Cartier-Bresson Inspired – where it has received 125 likes and was awarded entry into their esteemed gallery.

It was awarded “Best Photo Of The Day”
It was also entered into the Gallery

Across other sites the likes continued:

The World Wide Street Photography Group; Urban Street Photography; Pure Street Photography; Progressive Street; Street Photography Passion

Another Facebook Group – Street Photography Artists with over 6k members worldwide gave it an Honourable Mention – and what’s more remarkable, is that this was my first post on that page – I have a lot to live up to there . . .

Lastly, I submitted it to Eye Photo Magazine Group on Facebook – where it has achieved 100 Likes and was selected as that weeks “Eye Catching Moment”

This was trumped then by the team at Eye Photo Magazine who have contacted me saying my photo had been selected for publication in their December issue – please can i send them a quality jpeg of it – so this ‘chance shot’ will now be published. I will be a published street photographer – I am very chuffed.

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