Photography Really Eases Tension

Whilst enjoying my Street Photography around London in the last year or so, something I use to reduce stress, work/life tensions and as an enthusiastic hobby, a little side project I have been undertaking, whilst out and about, was to watch and record how people interact whilst sat in the window seats of a certain coffee shop.

It always seems as though they think they are out of sight – yet there they are for all the world to see – one of the best branches for this is Holywell Lane in Shoreditch though some other stores in the chain also feature in this blog. I thought id have a play with P R E T titles to the images I captured. Thanks to those on Facebook who helped with some adjectives.

People Really Express Themselves
Pals Remember Earlier Times
or I also like
Pal Reacts to his Earring & Tattoo
Pensive Research – Engaging Thoughts
Painstakingly Reading Every Text
People Rely on Electronic Technology
Playful Reactions – Emotions Teased
Please . . . . React . . . . Engage . . . . Talk !
Positively Recharging Energy Transcendently
Proper Roasted Extra Tasty
Photographing me, Really – I’m Enjoying my Tea
Pouting Raises Emotional Tensions
Pretty Ravenous Eating Technique
People Row – Emotional Tension
Perusing Reflecting Eavesdropping Talking
People Randomly Expose Themselves

Then, mid March 2020 and suddenly my street photography fun was ground to a halt as was the business of coffee shops and all non-essential shops, as the global Covid19 CoronaVirus Pandemic hit the UK

Pandemics Rapidly Eradicated Trade

By late April early May there was light at the end of the tunnel as stores adapted to the social distancing needs and added new health & safety measures for staff and public protection

Partial Reopenings Expected This week

Thank You

PhotographyByMrG Really Expresses his Thanks

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